Purchasing The Best Far Infrared Sauna (FIR) For Heavy Metal Detoxing

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Do not reproduce without written permissionPart 2: Buying A FIR Sauna

After weighing the pros & cons of what type of sauna would be best for detoxing heavy metals, I researched, purchased, and built the best medical-grade, chemically sensitive FIR sauna I could find.

Unfortunately, the majority of home saunas sold in the USA are either made or assembled in China with toxic glue (some claim to use a non-toxic “water based” glue), and have wood that off-gases. So even if detoxing in a sauna via sweat, one may actually be re-toxifying by breathing in and absorbing different chemicals and toxins.

That is especially important to understand in a healing crisis. In my case, heavy metal poisoning disrupted my immune and nervous system. This made it even more difficult for my body to detoxify any additional toxins like chemicals, fumes, and fragrances. A fitting analogy is comparing the body to an overflowing bathtub. Toxins are flowing in at a rapid rate, however, the drain is either clogged or unable to work fast enough to properly eliminate the toxic assault, so the water overflows. Shutting off the flow of toxins is most important. And then finding ways to detox the existing toxins in the body.

FIR Sauna Options

Option 1: Two well-known health advocates I previously followed online recommended a sauna company that happened to be headquartered in my city. I spoke with a sales rep over the phone who offered to deliver and set up their hypoallergenic cedar wood sauna for no charge. But I wanted to test the sauna in person. At the showroom, my head started to bother me when I sat inside the sauna for just a few minutes. At that time, I did not know to ask about VOC’s, formaldehyde and toxic glues that off-gas.

The owner of the company followed up with a call to explain that one sensitive client needed a different wood they offered. He proceeded to share his business expansion into wellness products like juicers made in China. I read about a similar customer experience on Yelp except the person had an EMF meter that went off the charts when measuring the sauna. So I continued searching.

Option 2: Another company marketed their sauna as the only one for chemically sensitive people. The sales rep shared that Dr. Sherry Rogers only uses and endorses their sauna and that I should read her book “Detoxify or Die”. When I asked if Dr. Rogers had tested and compared other saunas, the sales rep said no. After reading numerous online reviews, I decided to continue looking.

Option 3: While researching, I read a review about another chemically sensitive sauna company called Heavenly Heat. And in the Onibasu posts Andrew Cutler is quoted to only recommend this brand for detoxing IF using a FIR sauna. (Aside: Jenny McCarthy used this sauna to help her son detox from autism. And Jeremy Davies reportedly lost 33 pounds to play the Laos prisoner of war role in Rescue Dawn with the help of this sauna.)

I called the owner who patiently answered all of my questions about his “medical-grade” made in the USA sauna (excluding the Korean made ceramic heaters.) From the companies’ brochure:

Each sauna is built without wood glue, varnish, plywood, or any similar materials.

Only untreated white poplar wood is used for all wooden parts of each sauna.

The frames are built with steel screws rather than pin-nails and glue.

Window gaskets are custom-milled poplar rather than synthetic materials.

Lights are made of metal and glass.

“Gadgets” like CD players and ionizers are excluded. Metal-grilled speakers are optional.

Wall heaters are ventilated to provide an automatic, constant air-change.

Heaters are tested to assure low electro-magnetic fields (EMF). [*See UPDATE below].

A carbon filter purifies the stale air leaving the sauna before it enters your living space.

The only thing I did not fully understand were the heaters. Some companies used ceramic heaters, others carbon heaters, and others both ceramic and carbon heaters. I went with the assumption that the company made the best choice claiming ceramics are greatly superior to carbon at delivering more IR energy to the body.

Building The FIR Sauna

Do not reproduce without written permissionI purchased the standard FIR1 sauna that is 3’4” deep x 4’5 wide and 6′ tall. It plugs into a standard, grounded, 15-amp, 110V outlet and comes with the following:

  • Six FIR heaters
  • A glass door and two windows, one at the left side and another in the facing wall.
  • Installed incandescent light.
  • Free-standing back rest.
  • Two footrests.

Customization Options:

1. Size – Personal: FIR1-Eco or FIR-1, 2 person: FIR-2 or FIR2-DX; 3 & 4 person FIR-3

~Initially I considered the 2 person sauna. Since mercury vapors may off-gas from “silver” amalgams fillings while taking a sauna I ruled it out. I chose the FIR-1 because it had more heaters than the FIR1-Eco. In hindsight, the FIR1-Eco, with a near infrared upgrade, might have been better for my situation because it is smaller and easier to assemble. However, I haven’t seen it in person to know if the two heaters on the corners would be as effective (close) as the two heaters on the sides of the FIR1.

2. Recessed red near infrared (NIR) heat lamp in the ceiling.

~No, but I wish I had paid for the upgrade. My front does not get heated in the current set up. The owner said I could purchase an after market NIR lamp like the IncubatorWarehouse bulb. I did not because of the extra wiring and metal.

3. Locking caster wheels to reposition the sauna, or to keep it above a potentially damp surface, or for cleaning underneath. Raises the sauna by 4″.

~YES! Castor wheels made it possible to put the sauna together in an open space, plug it into the outlet, and then push it against the wall where it resides (see photos below). However, the wheels have ridges that will scratch hardwood floors if placed directly on the floors. (I used a padded drawer liner under the wheels).

4. Windows removed at no charge.Do not reproduce without written permission

~No. I prefer the ability to look out the window and natural light. Also heard it is not good for the parasympathetic nervous system to sauna in the dark.

5. Pre-wired, metal-grilled stereo speakers to hookup to a sound system.

~No. I prefer less metal and wiring.

6. Metal switches instead of plastic dials.

~Not a standard option so ask when placing an order.

7. Combo sauna with FIR and steam rocks.

~No. This was not a possible option because the electrical plugs are not set up to accommodate it. If I had the option, I would have researched more about mold possibilities.

8. Apply a safe, water-based sealant to the exterior for very damp locations.


Set-Up & Lessons Learned

Do not reproduce without written permission1. Because there is no adhesive glue, this FIR sauna was fairly difficult to set up and took two of us at least five hours to receive, un-crate, and put together. There are a lot of high quality metal screws that had to be drilled in to different sections in a specific order.

Before drilling, we had to unscrew each section from the shipping crate and carry them inside using a dolly and elevator. The high quality wood was heavy and bulky and requires strength and patience. Breaking down the shipping crate was laborious as well. Tip: Consider hiring two handy-persons to build it!

FYI: The first sauna I saw at the showroom was like link-n-logs — connect the four walls together on a base and plop the roof on. This is because they use nails and glue, which can be toxic.

Do not reproduce without written permission2. There was a medium-to-low wood aroma after curing and using the sauna for up to six months. I did not experience headaches or apparent side-effects, but was glad I had a lot of ventilation around the sauna.

3. If I could change one thing about the sauna layout, I would prefer two or three heaters on the back side to cover the whole back and arms instead of the two heaters in front that are too far away to heat my legs or chest. This might not be an issue for taller or long-legged people. The heater at the back of the legs and the ones for each side of the upper body are great.

4. It took a few months after placing the order to receive the “artisan” sauna because there was a waiting list.

5. I wanted to make sure the company would let me return the sauna for a 100% refund, minus shipping both ways, if it made me feel worse using it. It gave me peace of mind when I made the purchase and the owner was kind enough to agree.

To date, it cost less than $4 each for hour-long sauna session . There has been no noticeable increase on the electric bill from using the FIR sauna almost daily. In fact, the electricity bill has gone down since I hardly turn on the heater in my apartment anymore.

I share how I used the FIR sauna, including setting up an efficient towel system, how long & often, plus most important, how to replace lost nutrients with the right micronutrient support in my upcoming book.

*UPDATE: FIR saunas use far infrared light (above 3000 nanometers) to produce heat that warms up body molecules. The is also called heat therapy which helps the body by increasing blood flow, tissue oxygenation, sweating, detoxing, etc.

However, while FIR saunas companies claim to be low-EMF, all but maybe one brand emit at least two types of EMF (three types of EMF if a wireless tablet or media sound system are installed or you use Wi-Fi in your home, and four types of EMF if an LED lightbulb is installed). This means there is a trade-off in heat therapy or detoxing and radiating the body and damaging cells.

The one person sauna I ordered measured Electric Fields at 100 vm and Magnetic Fields at 5-6 mg. The company has since made changes to their saunas with the help of an EMF specialist in CA. However I now have EMF concerns and can no longer use a FIR sauna. At this point, I also have no interest in going through the trouble of ordering, building, and testing another as using any device in close range that is plugged in to electricity because I no longer can be exposed without symptoms.

I did purchase and try a NIR sauna that claimed to be chemical free and low-EMF. It was easier to set up the NIR sauna, however, the panel with the red light bulbs and electrical cord emitted electric fields and magnetic fields. I worked with the manufacturer to get the electric cord replaced with a shielded one and tighten the wiring in the panel but in the end, I did not find the healing benefits from the NIR sauna that I experienced in the FIR sauna.

What I try to do instead is spend time out in the sun when possible. There is no substitute man can build that replaces the healing power of the sun.  I also rebound,  take epsom salt baths a few times a month and am working towards cardio exercise that makes me sweat and oxygenates my body. What about you?

♥ Be Gutsy!

8 thoughts on “Purchasing The Best Far Infrared Sauna (FIR) For Heavy Metal Detoxing

  1. I would like to purchase the Heavenly Heat, but you said the EMF was higher than expected. Do you recall what the numbers were?

  2. Lisa, thank you for your quick response. I’ll call Bob and see what he has to say. Thank you for all the info about saunas. Are you still enjoying your sauna? My one concern with this sauna is that we may move within a couple years. You mentioned the difficulty/time involved in putting the sauna together. What about taking it apart, and will the sauna screw holes hold up (not be stripped or wood cracked) with having to be taken apart and put back together again? I’ll ask Bob the same question, but I would like your thoughts if you have time to respond.

  3. Hi Lisa! Thank you for your sauna article. I purchased a sauna from the company that Dr. Sherry Rogers endorses. Interestingly, it meets most if not all the criteria you outlined as important and it wasn’t difficult to assemble. I had to chuckle when you said you asked the sales rep if Dr. Rogers tested it and compared it to other saunas. 🙂 You don’t really think someone of her stature and busyness would have the time and the desire to do something like that do you? My guess is she chose to endorse the company and their products because she was sold on what she read/saw after her investigation (so no need to look further). BTW…the book Detoxify or Die is a real eye opener and I recommend it 🙂

    1. Appreciate you taking the time to comment, Steve. I do not know about Dr. Rogers’s situation and hope to have the opportunity to ask her personally one day. IMHO, health experts who recommend products should make the time to vet their recommendations and evaluate competing products if possible, especially if receiving a few hundred dollars per referral as some do. I have no affiliation with any sauna company nor opinion on what saunas others chose based on their criteria. From what I know, Heavenly Heat’s Eco1 is easy to put together like the sauna you purchased, but does not use the glue and is not made in China. Those were a few things that were important in my decision-making process. However, taking the time to test magnetic fields and electric fields (EMF), even if the company says they have low EMF, is a worth-while thing to do as well!

  4. Your blog is full of amazing information. When I was deciding upon a sauna I noticed that
    information was frequently mixed with salesmanship. And many products ended up made in China, the last thing I want. Plus I like high temperatures. I went with Heavenly Heat.

    TY for the blog

    1. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement, Michael! If you have a one person sauna, I recommend measuring the electric fields and magnetic fields with a meter or hiring an EMF specialist to do so. As the late Hal Huggins said “detoxification = re-toxification”.

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