Review: The Bellicon Rebounder For Detoxing

Bellicon Rebounder

Rebounding To Detox Heavy Metals

As a gymnast, my most favorite apparatus was the long tumbling trampoline. I loved doing tumbling passes, flips, and jumps with the added bounce. So when I learned that mercury was dampening my lymphatic system, I knew that rebounding would be a great addition to my detox protocol.

Before I share which rebounder I purchased, how I use it, and when I do not use it, here is a brief look at how the lymphatic system works from Bellicon’s website:

The “lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels and organs that recycles body fluid, in the form of “lymph,” as it targets and removes invading bacteria, viruses and waste. It accomplishes this by moving the thick lymph fluid through a filtering process, including passing it through lymph “nodes” to remove impurities and to allow specialized cells, called “lymphocytes,” the opportunity to attack any harmful organisms… When your lymphatic system becomes sluggish, unhealthy or fails, you become vulnerable to a wide variety of illnesses and health problems.

Our lymphatic system has no pump to circulate its fluid. It depends on enough body motion, gravity, and muscular contraction to do the job, which our normal, daily activities rarely provide. 10,000 years ago, our ancestors were chasing herds, foraging for food and providing more than enough movement to keep their lymph systems healthy. Today, we go from our beds to our cars to sitting in front of computer screens… and our lymph fluids sit, too.” 

Choosing A Rebounder

There are a plethora of rebounders, a.k.a. mini-trampolines, on the market (thankfully not as many as saunas!)

In order to make the best choice for my situation, I created a list of criteria to help with the decision process:

  • Is the bouncing low-impact? (i.e. will my knees hurt?)
  • Is the rebounder noiseless?
  • Where is the rebounder made?
  • Are the parts chemically safe?
  • How much does the rebounder cost?(Dollar value, durability, good value?)

I looked at many options and narrowed the list down to three:

Option 1: I briefly considered a less expensive option called the Stamina for around $40. However, I knew the steel springs would bother my joint / ligament knee pains from heavy metals and the springs would be on the louder side.

Option 2: The 44″ Jumpsport with elastic cords however, it is made in China and reviews said it was not noiseless. (The FIT BOUNCE PRO USA Bungee Rebounder is newer option to consider if price is a bigger factor.)

Option 3: The Bellicon hit all of my criteria except price.

In the middle of a healing crisis, it can be difficult to research and purchase anything, especially with doctor visits, tests and other expenses. At the same time, I am a big believer in “you get what you pay for” so I knew that investing once in a well-made rebounder would be a good value IF I actually used it.

Fortunately, there was a fitness studio down the street that gives free Bellicon trials (in trade for purchase referrals). There is nothing like actually trying before buying so I appreciated the thoughtfulness in both companies for providing the unique trial opportunity. I took my SO along to make sure he thought it was a good purchase. We both gave it a thumbs up!

Purchasing A Bellicon Rebounder

I chose the Classic 44” Bellicon with folding legs, strong bungee strength, black bungees, and a pink mat just like the photo above. (For those without space & money constraints, I would have purchased the 49” Premium Stainless Steel model with screw in legs, silver bungees, and a black-grey mat. A splurge at almost a grand $!)

1. Rebounder Model: Classic $499

~The Classic frame is steel coated with black powder-coated finish.

2. Frame Size: 44” +$100

~The 44” was the most purchased size option and so I went with it. I imagine the 39” works just as well at $100 savings, but I have not done more cardio type rebounding which may be easier on a larger frame. (The inches reflect the diameter of the frame).

3. Leg Option: Fold-up legs +$50

~ I chose the folding-legs so I could easily store the rebounder.  They are very easy to use, however, they make a slight noise when jumping because the join is not as firm as the screw-in legs. If I had the choice again, I would save the $50 and opt for the standard screw-in legs that Bellicon says takes less than two minutes to remove and less than four to attach. UPDATE: After using the rebounder for seven years my knees hurt if the rebounder is not on a completely balanced surface. I do NOT recommend the fold-up legs.

4. Bungee Strength: Strong (110-200 lbs)

~For the most part, this is based on a person’s weight. UPDATE: After eight years of moderate use, a few bungee elastic have worn out and I need to replace them. I realized this when I started to feel the floor under the rebounder mat when doing bigger jumps.

5. Bungee Color: Black

~Colored bungees made me dizzy looking at them on the website so I went for black.

6. Mat Color: Pink

~The ring is a raised layer of fabric so you can feel the edge with your feet and a bright color makes it easier to see the edge of the jumping surface as well if you need it. (At the time Bellicon did not offer as many colors options as they do now.)

7. Price/Shipping: $729.00 Subtotal + $95.00 Shipping & Handling -$25.00 Discount = $799.00 Grand Total (Incl.Tax).  Note: I list info as a reference, but please get up-to-date options and prices on the Bellicon website. Over the years I have seen sales on major holidays and lower or sometimes free shipping options in the U.S. 

Final Thoughts

The Bellicon rebounder makes minimal noise is easy to set up and has held up well with daily use.

  • The best thing about rebounding is that the trampoline does not need any electricity to run like other exercise equipment. Super important when trying to avoid electromagnetic radiation!!
  • The bungees are kinder on the joints compared to spring trampolines.
  • There is a slight noise when bouncing on the rebounder due to the folding legs but the sound is not audible to the floor below.
  • Bellicon says they use environmentally safe materials made in Germany and assembled in the USA.
  • I did not experience off-gassing effects or odors when I unpacked it.
  • There is really no set-up — just open the box, take the rebounder out of the plastic bag, and unfold or affix the legs. My shipping box had holes in it resulting in scrapes on the Bellicon frame so absolutely check for shipping damages upon receipt.
  • The only cons are price and customer service.

How I Rebound

Because mercury sits on the oxygen receptors which causes fatigue, cardio exercise has been challenging.  Rebounding is the one exception. It is a gentle form of getting oxygen in my body, stimulating my lymphatic system, and bringing out happy endorphins!

1. I don’t drink water before to prevent water from sloshing around my belly and putting pressure on my bladder (fyi: I read that incontinence is possible for women who have conceived but that in the long-run rebounding can help strengthen the bladder.)

2. Sometimes I dry skin brush.

3. I wear comfortable loose organic cotton clothes and non-slip Exersocks so the mat stays clean.

4. I use the DVD that came with my rebounder. I follow the 20-minute beginning routine without having to think. I look outside my window at the bay, the sky, and the trees, and hummingbirds and bounce. There are also a lot of video options available online.

5. I keep the rebounder covered when not in use so it does not get dusty. This is not recommended by the manufacturer, but I am not concerned about anyone tripping on it and I use it more because all I have to do is take off the cover and start bouncing. (The carrying bag had a strong chemical odor and cannot be washed so I do not recommend it).

When I Do Not Rebound

1. When I first received the rebounder I tried it a few times. I enjoyed bouncing but then felt terrible afterwards — similar to when I ate cilantro before I had my silver amalgams removed. I learned that rebounding with amalgams releases more mercury into the lymphatic system and should be avoided. So I stopped rebounding until after holistic amalgam removal.

2. When my body had a thallium poisoning and then mold toxicity my knees felt inflamed so I did not jump as high as normal and even took a break.

3. During herbal cleansing I was knocked off my feet for a few weeks.

Other than that, I LOVE Bouncing!

Be Gutsy!

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