How To Go To Sleep Earlier And Stay Asleep | Follow A Sleep Routine

Intro: Sleep Training For Night Owls
Step 1: Reset Circadian Rhythm
Step 2: Create A Sleep Sanctuary

Do not reproduce without written permission.Step 3: Follow A Sleep Routine

When I sleep earlier, I sleep deeper, wake less during the night, and enjoy more productive daylight hours the following day.

However, I have to work harder to shift my sleep schedule because my body’s circadian rhythm was disrupted from mercury toxicity, and later I learned cell tower radiation.

Because our bodies like consistency, I prepare for sleep by shutting down neocortex stimulation with the following nightly routine:

1. Set an ongoing alarm. At 7 p.m. a nice melody plays. I boil water in a glass tea-pot and steep a bag of chamomile tea. While I wait, it gives me time to finish whatever I was doing.

2. Start darkness therapy: turn off the tv, computer, and any lights with blue.

3. Take magnesium glycenate (away from other minerals that may compete for absorption) for nutritional deficiency, not for sleep, although it may help with both. Take a probiotic supplement sometimes.

4. Brush & floss.

5. Practice relaxation: meditation or lavender aromatherapy or  yoga DVD or read a non-stimulating book.

6. Prep the bedroom: temperatures below 72 degrees are said to be ideal for melatonin production (I believe that the cooler room temp is because REM cycles can be reduced if it is too hot and the temperature or sweating wakes one up?) However, I cannot fall asleep until my body is warm so in colder months I use a hot glass water bottle. Since amalgam removal, my body temp is up a full degree and that has helped along with sauna therapy.

7. I used to run a HEPA air purifier. Indoor air quality is important for health and for improved sleep. As an added bonus, the air purifier acts as a “white noise machine” and filters out neighbors. However, artificial white noise from sound machines can create a cortisol response in the body.

8. Breath deeply — I like Dr. Weil’s 4-7-8 Breath — and tell myself to have sweet dreams!

It is also important for those still using Wi-Fi, to turn it off at least when not in use like when sleeping and keeping all electronics out of the bedroom.


Step 4: Stay Asleep


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