Optimal Traveling Survival Kit To Lessen Radiation Exposure, Boost Immunity, and Limit Germs

Healing = Get Nutrients In + Toxins Out

I avoid flying as much as possible, post amalgam mercury poisoning / cell tower radiation, because radiation, EMR from wireless technology, fire-retardant chemicals, and germs wreak havoc on a weakened immune system.

This is an example of radiation from flying from NY to LA and the Sievert system used to track flight crews. While some planes no longer have individual monitors in the back of the seats next to the head, the new model offer Wi-Fi service for passengers to use with their own personal wireless devices. And when the plane lands, there is always a surge of cell phone activity.

Occasionally, I must travel by plane for weddings, milestone birthdays, etc. Here are a few things I do when I fly to dampen stress and radiation exposure while boosting my immunity:

Schedule: No red-eye flights! I prefer to travel mid-morning or later so I have plenty of time to sleep, eat a good breakfast, pick up food for the plane, and finish packing. On the return trip, I fly after lunch, make sure to pick up or pack dinner for the plane ride, and arrive home ideally before 9pm.

Seat location: On a recent trip I measured three different types of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) on the airplane. The magnetic field (MF) measured higher near the middle of the plane closer to the engines and lower toward the back of the plane. The Radio Frequency (RF) radiation measured consistently high throughout the plane due to the Wi-Fi. And the Electric Fields (EF) were not concerning in the middle or back of the plane. (Note: I did not measure first class through premier seating and it was only one plane).

Opting out: Leave enough time to avoid the screening machine. If it is not safe enough for babies and children to pass through, how can it be safe for anyone? Besides, who doesn’t want the added bonus of a lymphatic massage from a TSA agent?!

I measured the RF radiation from the body scanner while standing in line waiting to go through the metal detector and will posts the results on YouTube. The RF levels were in the red on my Accoustimeter every time a person stepped into the scanner. I can only imagine how high the RF levels were inside the scanner.

These millimeter wave technologies are designed to bombard innocent travelers with high frequency energy particles known as terahertz photons. (1)

“…resonant effects allow THz waves to unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication.”  (See MIT article “How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA“)

Food For Later: Being gluten-free and eating grass-fed / organic meat can make eating on the road challenging. I use two travel coolers by eBags and fill them with seven to eight glass bottles of frozen food (meat dishes if kitchen available to reheat and green smoothies) for two. Frozen food solves two problems: 1) You can’t bring liquids through TSA but if the food is frozen it is not considered liquid 2) The food needs to stay cold on the plane ride.

Airplane Food: Pack organic salads to eat on the plane with utensils & napkins. Grass-fed meat sticks, apples, soaked-dehydrated nuts or trail mix, and sometimes an organic chocolate for a sweet treat.

Drinking Water: Sometimes airlines have spring water and I will drink at least 8 cups if traveling cross-country (flying is dehydrating). Unfortunately, bottled tap water (aka PWS – Public Water Source) that has been purified with reverse osmosis and fortified with magnesium sulfate (epsom salt? does it have heavy metals?), potassium chloride (halide), and salt (not so good) is served. So I always buy an over-priced estrogenic plastic bottle of spring water at the airport to take on the plane with me. (Dehydration > Plastic).

Supplements: Radiation can cause oxidative stress and eat up minerals like magnesium and B & C vitamins. So I take extra supplements before and after the flight like lypo-spheric vitamin C and other micronutrients based on my bio-individual needs.

I used to take activated charcoal supplement for a six-hour plane ride to absorb toxins, but the charcoal also absorbs nutrients.  Also took chlorella once based on another recommendation but tested sensitive to it.

Essential Oils: Take a drop of Thieves oil in a cup of water and for aroma therapy to calm my nervous system and boost my immune system.

Clean hands: Never touch my eyes, nose, or mouth with my hands while flying. I bring a pack of Honest Wipes to clean off my hands before eating and after using the W.C. The faucet water on the plane is not clean and the soap has toxic chemicals.

Entertainment: Check out a fun-entertaining-can’t-put-down e-book from the library to read on my EMR-free (airplane-mode) Kindle. Eye mask for when I am not reading and earplugs to block out the cortisol-inducing airplane noise.

Detoxing: Take baking soda and epsom salt baths (using a shower filter and wrench that I bring along) when I land on the other side. If not too late, 30 minutes of earthing on the grass or beach.

What about you? Please leave your tips in the comment section below.

 Be Gutsy!

Healing Naturally = Nutrients In + Toxins Out

1. Nutrients In

2. Toxins Out

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