The Microbiome: Parasite Cleansing With HUMAWORM To Heal The Gut

Do not reproduce without written permission.“Fact: Over 90% of American’s Have Parasites.” (1)

No one, including me, wants to think they have parasites. But after finally researching the subject, I learned that the majority of us have them — bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus, and more.

I read as much as I could before going from eating a few herbs to doing a methodical whole body cleansing program. I share what I learned in this post:

  • How We Get Parasites
  • Yeast, Candida, & Mercury
  • My 30 Day HUMAWORM Parasite Cleanse Journal + Updates
  • HUMAWORM Parasite Cleanse Review.

How We Get Parasites

Parasites are everywhere. Surprisingly, infections are not limited to people who have travelled to a third world country. Microscopic parasite eggs are abundant in the water we drink, fresh water we swim in, unwashed fruits & vegetables, uncooked or undercooked meat, other humans (e.g. kissing, holding hands, shopping cart handles, communal food-sharing, (I read that half the world may have H-pylori which is easily spread, think acid reflux; around 80% of young sexually active adults have at least one strain of HPV), pets (e.g. owners kissing their butt licking dogs), and biting insects such as mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, lice, etc.

As I mentioned in my prior microbiome post, thanks to chronic mercury poisoning, my body’s immune system was compromised, making it an even more ideal host environment for parasites:

“Endogenous (caused by factors within the organism) infections occur when the host’s resistance is lowered, perhaps by malnutrition, illness, trauma, or immune depression. Weakening of the host’s immune system may permit normally harmless organisms already present in or on the host or in the environment to cause illness.” (2).

In addition to the parasite, when parasites live in the body they create toxins (called endotoxins) from their feces, urine — which is 100% ammonia — and dead bodies. A healthy body removes these toxins through the liver, bowels, and skin. However, while in the body, these toxins cause health problems all over: parasite exposure suppresses the immune system, stresses the nervous system, creates a cortisol response, and tears apart tight junctions in the gut which allows parasites to easily enter the bloodstream.

Even without a suppressed immune system, pathogens can be evasive. They are known to create cysts or biofilms — with mercury, lead, and other nutrients — that are like invisibility cloaks shielding them from the immune system. From my experience, I believe this to be true!

In spite of holistic amalgam removal and restoring my gut, I still have symptoms like:

  • Inflamed intestines (bloating)
  • Fatigue & mild anxiety
  • Geographical tongue
  • Occasional dandruff
  • Sugar cravings
  • Tinnitus

Yeast, Candida, & Mercury

Yeast is a natural fungi, grouped under the umbrella term parasite, that grows in the intestinal tract. In fact, a manageable number are supposed to be in the intestinal tract for proper digestion. To keep the gut flora balanced, certain “good bacteria” eat the yeast to keep their numbers down. However, the good bacteria must be present in the gut to do so.

Candida Albicans, a type of single-celled organism, is the most common type of yeast species overgrowth.

  • Candida is present in small quantities in everyone.
  • In small numbers, Candida is a helpful in aiding in digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • When Candida becomes too abundant, it can cause infections in the gut, sinus, and ear, thrush in the mouth and on the tongue, yeast infections, athlete’s foot, and skin problems including rashes and bumps. Also fatigue, brain fog, leaky gut (which leads to inflammation throughout the body), etc.
  • Overgrowth can also cause strong cravings for alcohol, sweets and breads that are full of sugar and help “feed” Candida / yeast.
  • The theory with whole body cleansing is that killing all yeast at one time will allow the body to naturally rebalance with the correct amount of good bacteria & yeast in the gut.

Mercury and yeast overgrowth also have a correlation:

  • Mercury is a toxin that weakens the immune system and interferes with biological functions.
  • Mercury may act as an antibiotic that wipes out good bacteria and allows yeast to proliferate.
  • Yeast may bind to mercury and heavy metals and prevent them from entering the blood stream as a protective mechanism.
  • Yeast may also eat mercury.

Before starting full-time ALA chelation, I took a detour to kill yeast overgrowth & other potential parasites using an organic herbal cleanse from a several-generation-old American company called HUMAWORM. I’m actually quite private, but I share my personal experience because I want to help you and others understand what the process can be like with details that I could not find answers to when preparing my cleanse.

30 Day HUMAWORM Parasite Cleanse Journal – 10/24/15

Day 1 to 3: Thankfully no hives (see allergy info below) or other reactions except right eye is twitching and I am having vivid dreams. Third night, woke to a nightmare about being at war with thin, tall looking amoebas. Strange!? Thought: Is cleanse working?

Day 4: Normal day. Around 9pm die-off symptoms appeared – throat started to feel sticky, left forearm, bicep, shoulder & elbow joints burn. Feels like my left limb is going to fall off and like I caught the flu. Grateful no nausea or headaches from rapid demise of parasites. Never tracked this before but there is a full moon tonight — are parasites more active in my body. Thought: Does killing yeast cause Candida to release mercury and is that why die-off / Herxheimer is so painful in the joints and arms? RG from Humaworm wrote that people are cured of arthritis after cleansing and that parasites love to nest in the shoulder joints and other hollow places.

Day 5-8: Die-off is a b!#@$!. Hard to fall asleep with body pains and difficult to get out of bed in the morning even after 8+ hours of sleep. Clear runny nose. No noticeable changes in bm but the white coat on my tongue is clearing. Thankful body aches ended — 4 days of painful die-off symptoms.

Day 9: I hardly ever go #2 at night (extremely regular morning person). After an hour of light cramping this evening I passed something in stool that could be candida. Also sesame seed like eggs in bm which people mentioned on Curezone. Felt better immediately after.  However, my immune system is weak. Thoughts: is this Herx die-of or a chest cold? Symptoms: phlegm, chest pain, deep cough.

Day 10-12: “Chest cold” symptoms continue. Brief scattering in left toe — creepy! Slight pain in lower left intestines. May be easier to view parasites in bm if eating a pureed diet for a few days but too tired to do the extra work.

Day 12-30 HUMAWORM has knocked me off my feet! Still do not know if suffering from a combo of cold & healing crisis. Mucous build up & clearing from the nasal passage to my throat wakes me up several times in the night and leaves me tired during the day. Relief from face steams, Throat Coat Tea, neti pot, and salt gargling. Also saunas. Stabbing pain in my biceps one day, headache another, forehead acne, ear pain, appetite suppressed, and one more cold sore in mouth gums. Too easy to mistake undigested food pieces and fibers in bms for parasites imo so not worth inspecting bm. Biggest positive change is watching white on tongue clear up. Thank goodness or I would have wanted to quit this at least a few times already. Cleansing is not for the weak!

Update: Took a few days off to let HUMAWORM Parasite Cleanse continue to clear out of my body before starting the HUMACLEANSE Colon Cleanse. About a week after starting HUMACLEANSE, candida symptoms came back for a few days so re-thinking that I need to do the HUMAWORM Whole Body Cleanse, including a Candida Cleanse, before starting ALA mercury brain chelation full-time.

Final Review On HUMAWORM’s Parasite Cleanse

Herbal cleansing is complicated and finding the right herbal formula is important. Since my nervous system calmed down after the first round of HUMAWORM’s Parasite Cleanse, my body has more energy, and my mental state is noticeably better. Because of this net positive, I did HUMAWORM’s Parasite Cleanse for a second round post recommended 90 waiting period.

I also completed HUMAWORM Whole Body Cleanses. I still have yeast overgrowth symptoms. Maybe herb doses are too low? Or maybe when the cleanse wiped out both yeast and good bacteria, the good ones did not come back to keep the yeast in balance? Several other members on the Facebook forum also shared similar experiences. (See Q&A below).

May do a third round after another 90 day waiting period, but I am not committing to twice a year every year as recommended. Nor would I have my other family members try it yet because I am still acting as a guinea pig figuring out the long-term ramifications.

My HUMAWORM Whole Body Cleanse & follow-up Parasite Cleanses along with my entire healing journey are in my upcoming book. For now, you can continue reading bonus HUMAWORM info below, and / or my wellness protocol writings using the following links:

Healing = Nutrients In + Toxins Out

1. Nutrients In

2. Toxins Out

Be Gutsy!  L

*Bonus HUMAWORM Info

A. Q&A

Before starting the cleanse, I read FAQs and Q&A’s on with retired owner RG. Sadly, RG passed away this year, but his grand-daughter, Dr. Bailey, has taken on the family business. (She updated some formulas in 2007 so maybe not all the answers from RG below are still applicable.) Dr. Bailey now runs a private Facebook group and answers questions.

Q: While doing HUMAWORM’s Whole Body Cleanse, why were yeast symptoms worse than any time before I did the Parasite Cleanse? Those symptoms cleared during the Parasite Cleanse, were gone during the HUMACLEANSE, and came back strong while doing the Anti-bacteria Cleanse.

A: Dr. Bailey on Facebook said it could be deep-seated Candida coming to the surface and to do another round of Humaworm Parasite Cleanse. I am not convinced. When I spoke to Dr. Bailey, we decided that ordering HUMAWORM in an extra-strength dose would be an option.

Q: I basically had 26 days of die-off with the first Parasite Cleanse. The second time around I did not have really any die-off symptoms until the last two days. I asked Dr. Bailey on Facebook if HUMAWORM had procured the Black Walnut and Wormwood from a different vendor in the past year or if they had changed the Parasite Cleanse formula.

A: Dr Bailey said no, they have not changed their vendor or the formula.

B. Notable instructions from my Humaworm research (~Plus my notes)

1. 30 minutes before eating or 2 hours after a meal take 2 caps. 12 hours later take 2 more caps. 12 hours between doses is the ideal schedule so that the chemical components of the herbs are in your system 24 hours per day for 30 days. But it will just as effective if taken 8-12 hours apart. ~Usually took 2nd dose before going to bed without eating anything after.
2. Regular bms help get parasites and toxins out of the body faster so drink at least two quarts (eight 8 oz. cups) or more of water daily. ~Yes
3. Do NOT take probiotics “good bacteria” during the cleanse. HUMAWORM kills all bacteria, and would cancel out the probiotics. Take probiotics after if needed. ~I took probiotics a few times during the first parasite cleanse to see if it would help after a week of die-off. I did not take them the second or third time because I think there’s less herbs available to kill the bad guys and possibly more die-off from killing the good ones.
4. Works regardless of what you eat so don’t have to change diet. ~Sugar craving dropped the first time I did Humaworm. Second time they increased.
5. HUMAWORM will begin working the first day, however you will begin to feel the effects within 2-3 days. ~Day 4 for me the first time. Really none the second or third time.
6. The body is removing parasites and toxins and this may result in die-off which is a natural cleansing reaction. Die-off can take many forms: headaches, body aches, rashes, fatigue, mood swings, body odor, and gas and bloating, etc. May feel like the flu! It will go away. The stronger the infection, the worse the die-off. ~Body aches, fatigue, feels like flu the first time. Nothing even close second or third time.
7. Most parasites are removed during first 7 days. The rest of the parasites, their larvae and eggs are removed in the next 23 days. ~Don’t know if this is true for me. Die-off is not supposed to be as bad second time around and was not.
8. Due to the life cycle of a parasite and their ability to migrate throughout the body, it is essential to take the full 30 day dose to rid you of the parasites, LARVAE and EGGS, even after feeling GREAT! ~And even if feeling crappy!
9. Do not have to take HUMAWORM 4 days before & after full moon to equal 38 days.
10. HUMAWORM Parasite Cleanse can be taken every 90 days. Not sooner or super parasites will build up immunity to the herbs and will be difficult to kill. ~HUMAWORM does not say it anywhere, but I believe it is because of the Wormwood and Black Walnut herbs.

C. Ingredients & Allergies

I cross referenced HUMAWORM’s ingredients with my ALCAT herb sensitivity test. As you can see below, there are three herbs that could cause reactions:

1. HUMAWORM Ingredients: (25 herbs packed into capsules) Black Walnut 200mg, Wormwood 100mg, Cloves 100mg, Thyme 100mg, Garlic 200mg, Fennel 100mg, Cayenne 100mg, Ginger 100mg, Gentian 100mg, Hyssop 100mg, Milk Thistle 100mg, Marshmallow root 100mg, Pau D’ Arco 200mg, Burdock 100mg, Elecampane 100mg, Fenugreek 100mg, Licorice 100mg, Barberry 200mg, Cascara Sagrada 25mg, Senna 25mg, Sage 100mg, Psyllium 200mg, Yellow Dock 100mg, Cramp Bark 100mg, Peppermint 200mg

  • Black walnut contains tannin (which is organic iodine), juglandin, juglone and juglandic acids and it also oxygenates the blood – tapeworms absorb this and it makes them very ill so they will let go and be expelled.
  • Wormwood contains the toxins thujone and isothujone and santonin – it also contains sesquiterpene which acts like peroxide by weakening the parasites membranes, therefore killing them.
  • Milk Thistle is supposed to help the liver and I purchased some as a support supplement for ALA chelation but have not taken any.

2. My ALCAT: severe chlorella; moderate – black walnut, cascara, elderberry, red yeast rice, wormwood; mild – bilberry, chondroitin, echinacea, essiac, goji berry, huperzine, lutein, maitake mushroom, milk thistle

Two of the herbs that tested moderately sensitive are considered poisons: wormwood & black walnut. The child dose of HUMAWORM does not have wormwood because it is too dangerous (hmm?) and black walnut is only recommended for age 3 and up. They say the doses are so small that there should not be a problem but poison is poison, right? Years ago, I took elderberry extract (tested moderately sensitive on recent test) and got hives. I thought hives could mean immediate allergic reaction and stop taking HUMAWORM and everything else was die-off. I did not have hives so continued to take HUMAWORM, but I do not know if I had more of a difficult time because of my body’s sensitivities.

I believe I experienced die-off and not allergic sensitivity to wormwood and black walnut on the first Parasite Cleanse as I did not experience die-off the second time I did the Parasite Cleanse.

In hindsight, I would have taken HumanaTea to help clear out toxins faster and lessen the die-off symptoms during the first Parasite Cleanse. However, HumanaTea is similar to Essiac Tea. Is that another sensitivity for my body? Or maybe my body has a sensitivity to these parasite killers because there is an overgrowth of parasites in my body which shows up on these sensitivity tests?


8 thoughts on “The Microbiome: Parasite Cleansing With HUMAWORM To Heal The Gut

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read this post and leave an encouraging comment, Danielle! ♥ Muah!!

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Lisa. What was your conclusion about Humaworm parasite cleanse in the end? I have read mostly good things about it, I also heard if you ask, you can order the extra strength version. Do you think your less die-off 2nd time around was because there were less critters, or?
    Any other thoughts? After these did some of your parasite symptoms go away for good?

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