The Microbiome: Colon Cleansing With HUMAWORM To Heal The Gut

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Part 2 – HUMACLEANSE Colon Cleanse Review

According to HUMAWORM, you need to do a colon cleanse if you suffer from any constipation, bloating, gas, difficult bowel movements, cramping, not feeling “empty”, protruding belly, foul-smelling stools, hard stools and just a general feeling of heaviness of the colon.

HUMAWORM’s Colon Cleanse, a.k.a. HUMACLEANSE, is designed to completely clean out the digestive system / colon, without cramping or diarrhea. It consists mostly of Psyllium and two other ingredients:

  1. Psyllium 10g – swells to 50 TIMES its size – it creates a literal “scrubbing sponge”” that will trap and remove parasites, toxins and built up intestinal fecal waste. This swelling action is why HUMACLEANSE should be taken with plenty of water. One teaspoon of psyllium will create over one cup of stool.
  2. Senna 10mg – a natural laxatives that keep things flowing smoothly by helping the body rid itself of toxins and waste.
  3. Cascara sagrada 10mg – stimulates the long muscles along the outside of the colon to work in a wave-like action to help loosen the build up so that the psyllium can then trap and remove it entirely.

Since my bowels were in good working condition, I did not need to do a colon cleanse before or with the Parasite Cleanse. Some people do the two cleanses together to save time and possibly reduce die-off symptoms, but I wanted to experience each separately the first time around. Knowing what I know now, I would probably do the cleanses together next time, IF I were to use HUMAWORM again, since I am trying to finish sooner and get back to chelating. Or I would take organic psyllium husk for cost-savings.

HUMACLEANSE Instructions & Expectations

1. Take 3 capsules 3 times per day for 30 days. Swallow ONE PILL at a time and drink lots of water after each pill.

2. Drink at least 8 – 8 ounce glasses of water per day every day during the cleanse to allow the psyllium to do its job properly.

3. Take supplements only 2 hours after HUMACLEANSE. (Why?)

4. What To Expect:

  • Larger volume of stools that are of a soft, formed texture.
  • May see some strange things in stool, like dark black colored bits of material, long ropey strands of foreign looking material, maybe even a parasite or two. All normal during a colon cleanse.
  • Mucoid plaque…

Mucoid Plaque

A few months ago I did a cranberry, psyllium husk, clay, and flax oil flush. With that flush, my bms were like rubbery tubes. After much research and a few frantic calls to practitioners and labs, I learned that taking psyllium husk results in mucoid plaque elimination. When I flushed with other fiber powders, I did not get the plaque so my theory is that psyllium husk and clay may create mucoid plaque.

Any waste that’s not completely removed during bowel movements will accumulate in the colon. This accumulated waste is a breeding ground for bacteria which causes toxic waste to leech into your system. These things can create a build up on the colon walls. This build up is also called “mucoid plaque”. This fecal matter will coat the walls of the colon. It allows stool to come through a much smaller opening – much like the hole in a doughnut. (1)

The term mucoid plaque was created to define the unnatural accumulation of mucins caused by a highly toxic intestinal environment. Once the mucoid plaque accumulates to a certain degree, major problems begin to occur. For an example: Too many layers of mucins can interfere with the natural muscular actions of the intestines (peristalsis) that are essential for moving food through the intestines in a timely manner. Though there are several different mechanisms that can cause constipation, this is the number one cause. Most Naturopathic physicians define constipation as having less than 3 bowel movements daily, that is, if you eat 3 meals a day. Ideally, if we eat 3 meals daily we should have 4 BM’s daily. When we first get up in the morning and about 30 minutes after each meal. (2)

“Mucins are glycoprotein solutions and very sticky and viscous mucus-like substance that are designed to adhere strongly to the intestinal wall. Each time the cells come in contact with more acids or toxins, another layer is formed along the intestinal wall. As long as acids and toxins continue to pass through the intestines and/or should they accumulate in the gut wall, the intestinal cells continue to create more layers of mucins.” (3)

My HUMACLEANSE Journal 11/26/15

Day 1: Still white on middle of tongue and minor phlegm which I think is clearing yeast from my throat and nasal passages. Still too tired to exercise, but did go for a walk, started rebounding after taking a week off, and continued saunas. Second small bm at night which is not usual for my body.

11am Took 3 capsules on HUMACLEANSE after waking with 2 cups of warm water.
3:15pm 3 capsules
11pm 3 capsules before going to bed.

Day 2: Nauseous at night – maybe gas?

Day 3: 4 BMs have not really changed except more firm. Acne. Immune system still down from last cleanse. Still have a little phlegm / sore tonsils, and cough from Humaworm cleanse. Thank goodness for the neti pot and warm salt water rinses!

Day 5: 7 BM 25% larger. Started probiotic supplementation.

Day 8:  12 Candida overgrowth is back. Thanksgiving treats with sugar that I normally do not eat?

Day 13: Sore tonsils / phlegm finally over. Tongue starting to clear again. Not inspecting bms like I did with HUMAWORM cleanse.

Day 14: 23 Waking several mornings with kink in left neck. Feels like lymphatic sludge. Had chiro adjustment which helped a little. Adding in more supplemental vitamin C. No changes in bm or gut although seems like toxic-belly is not sticking out as much. Less inflammation? Not bingeing on food – less parasites means more nutrition is available for my body cells. Less brain fog too – finished paperwork and bills that I had put off for a few months.

Day 23: More mental energy. Started pilates workout again!

Day 24: Feeling great, happy, better than before I started cleansing. Around midnight I had some intestinal pressure. Finally passed second bm today around 3am (rare if I go twice). Except for losing a few hours of sleep, I am back to feeling well.

Day  25: 30 Nice to have a non-die-off time period before doing more Candida cleansing. Nothing else noteworthy to report except no longer craving yogurt, peanut butter, or sugar.

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