How To Book?

Book an Akashic Record Reading, Intuitive Coaching Session, or a package deal:

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Session

  • Come in with an attitude and intention of wanting positive change and being ready for positive change
  • Set aside some time before and after the session to relax and reflect
  • Be in a quiet comfortable place where you can speak freely
  • Have a pen and paper to take notes
  • Have a box of tissues on hand
  • Ensure you are well hydrated

For Akashic Record Readings

  • Have a clear intention of one specific area of focus you would like to transform. E.g Issues: finances, career, family, love, health, relationship etc.
  • Think about what you would like to get some help with from the Universe in that area.
  • If possible, phrase it as a life lesson question. For example: Why am I struggling with my health? What stops me from attracting my perfect romantic partner? Why am I stuck in my job? Why am I having difficulties in my relationships with my family? Why do I keep experiencing the same hardship over and over?
  • Open ended questions that begin with what, how, and why tend to yield the most helpful answer. Yes/No questions will provide the least amount of info. Same with time related questions.
  • We will work on this together during the session so it does not have to be fully meshed out.