The Microbiome: Parasite Cleansing With HUMAWORM To Heal The Gut

"Fact: Over 90% of American's Have Parasites." (1) No one, including me, wants to think they have parasites. But after researching the subject, I learned that all of us have them -- bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus, and more. Before starting full-time ALA chelation, I took a detour to kill yeast overgrowth & other potential parasites using [...]

Using Culter’s Frequent-Low-Dose Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) Protocol To Remove Mercury From The Brain

Part 1: Aiming For Euphoria With ALA Chelation If you've read my other writings, you know I detoxed heavy metals post-holistic amalgam removal with saunas, rebounding, nutrient dense food, supplementation & other natural remedies like herbal cleanses. I feel better than I have in years, in large part, because mercury is not flooding in from the "silver" fillings [...]

Electro Magnetic Radiation: Why I No Longer Use A Cell Phone, Tablet, And Wi-Fi

Thank You For Not Radiating I love technology and the convenience, and efficiency that come along with it. But when my body hit its toxic load a few years ago, it could not handle any additional toxic burdens. At the time, I did not know my body had mercury poisoning galvanized by RF radiation from a very powerful cell [...]

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Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR): Setting Up A Home Office Without Wi-Fi

Get Wired! Did you eliminate hardwire cables for the convenience and aesthetics of wireless? And did you ditch your home landline when you realized that owning a cell phone made paying for two lines redundant? Like most people, I did too. However, if you've read my other post, Why I No Longer Use a Cell Phone, [...]

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Holistic Mercury Amalgam Removal a.k.a. Total Dental Revision (TDR)

Mercury Poisoning Mercury is one of the most toxic naturally occurring substances known to humans. Mercury is toxic because it can invade every single in the body and brain and damage the mitochondria. It interferes with how minerals are used (or not used) in the body. And it disrupts the endocrine system as it is a xenoestrogen (mimics estrogen in [...]

Choosing Traditional, Near Infrared (NIR), or Far Infrared (FIR) Saunas To Detox Heavy Metals

How Saunas [Maybe] Improved My Health There are many benefits reported from taking a sauna. For example: Relaxation and the release of feel good endorphins Increased blood flow which helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells "Hyperthermic effect" -- meaning a rise in body temperature that can activate detoxification and even kill some viruses [...]