The Microbiome: Parasite Cleansing With HUMAWORM To Heal The Gut

"Fact: Over 90% of American's Have Parasites." (1) No one, including me, wants to think they have parasites. But after finally researching the subject, I learned that the majority of us have them -- bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus, and more. I read as much as I could before going from eating a few herbs to doing [...]

The Microbiome: Colon Cleansing With HUMAWORM To Heal The Gut

Previous: Part 1 - HUMAWORM Parasite Cleanse Part 2 - HUMACLEANSE Colon Cleanse Review According to HUMAWORM, you need to do a colon cleanse if you suffer from any constipation, bloating, gas, difficult bowel movements, cramping, not feeling "empty", protruding belly, foul-smelling stools, hard stools and just a general feeling of heaviness of the colon. HUMAWORM's Colon Cleanse, a.k.a. HUMACLEANSE, [...]