I highly recommend working with Lisa

“I have always experienced slight anxiety around money, the future, and “being good enough”.  After just one session with Lisa it is amazing how much I feel at peace with so many of the things that used to cause these feelings!  I have done traditional therapy off and on for years without a ton of impact.  In my one session with Lisa she was able to uncover experiences and topics that in all those previous therapy sessions were never uncovered or discussed! I didn’t even realize the effect certain things from my past were having on me until working with her. Lisa’s intuition on things was truly impressive and that skill helped to guide our session to these meaningful areas and insights.  I felt very comfortable and at ease during the session which helped me to explore sensitive topics more clearly.  I highly recommend working with Lisa to help find more peace and happiness in your life!”

~Lindsay L., California

Uplifting & Encouraging

“Wow, what a game changer! So many things felt right or rang true to me, the need to be more physical, increasing my energy with movement, be outside. Since joining a local gym, my body, emotional and mental attitude have increased tenfold!  
The Akashic Records was the most fascinating of the experience! I’m seeing my previous lifetimes have melded with my current lifetime. The message of the View Master was especially telling because I was dwelling too much in the past, not fully enjoying the present or being hopeful/excited about the future. My lesson for this life is not to be in despair about my past life experiences, I don’t need to blame or punish myself. What’s really big is that I’m learning how to not judge myself or be stuck in the past.
Meeting with you helped open my eyes to what I was not aware of, consciously, and how significant my current life is for myself and to others. This knowledge opened my heart to love and appreciate myself more, appreciate what is and feel more hopeful about the future. Thank you for your amazing gifts and ability to share from your heart. I am very grateful for this experience.”

~Lisa M., California

Mind Blowing Experience!

“I have been drawn to the akashic records for a long time, but haven’t ever had a reading done. What a mind blowing experience! Lisa was able to bring up beliefs that have been holding me back from reaching the next level in my life in a concise and clear way. I appreciated that I was able to be involved in the process to better understand what the symbols from my records meant for me today. I will definitely be coming back again in the future when I want a bit of guidance and direction. Thanks Lisa!”

~Sandy M., California

Repeat Client

“I feel so much more at ease with my boys since our session together! I feel that the symbols were spot on, and were very helpful for me to see how I can change my tendency towards my kids to improve our relationship so thanks again!”

~Dana L., California