Courageous Healing From Modern-Day Toxins

Do not reproduce without written permission.Welcome to my healing place. After extensive research, testing, and detoxing, I now believe  wellness involves two basic steps: putting good stuff into the body and taking bad stuff out.

However, healing naturally this way is counter-cultural to modern-day medicine, dentistry, and industrial convenience. And sorting through the plethora of “natural health solutions” to figure out what truly works is time-consuming, complicated, and costly. So this is where I share what I wish I had known, but could not find, when my body first broke down a few years ago.

To read the most important posts in my healing protocol use the index links below. Mercury poisoning from dental amalgams, electromagnetic radiation and pathogens were the root cause in my case.  So if that resonates with you, start with Dental Revision and EMR. I hope you find the information helpful and welcome your feedback, questions, and encouragement.

Be Gutsy! ♥ Lisa

*P.S. I am currently re-vamping some posts based on new things I’ve learned so some links below are not active.

Healing Naturally = Nutrients In + Toxins Out

1. Nutrients In

2. Toxins Out

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