Work With Lisa

Where To Start

The majority of my clients start with an Akashic Record Reading (a.k.a. Book of Life or Akashic Library) where we focus on one area of your life that you feel is holding you back or you would like to transform such as finances, career, family, love, health, weight, or relationship.

Together we will construct a question to ask the Akashic Record (a repository where the Universe stores a history of every soul’s thoughts, words and actions).  For example: Why am I struggling in my career? Why do I have a hard time making money? Why am I having difficulties in my relationships with my family? Why do I keep experiencing the same hardship over and over?

And then while you sit back and relax, I retrieve and share information from your records using rich symbolic images and clear messages. While every experience is unique and tailored to you, the wisdom and guidance is powerful and always leaves us in awe! (See testimonials below.)

In future sessions, you may choose to work on another area of your life or we may work at a deeper level and identify and clear limiting beliefs and feelings from the the past that hold negative emotional energies like shame, guilt, depression, fear, and anger in your energetic field.

And then we replace those limiting beliefs and fill your mind, body and soul with empowering beliefs, feelings and emotions like love, joy, peace and abundance enabling you to heal yourself physically, mentally & spiritually; to raise your vibration; and to more easily manifest your dreams and your hearts desires!

It’s much more fun to experience than read about! So if you are ready to invest in tuning in to your consciousness, healing your inner child, embracing your higher-self, and shining your authentic bright, beautiful, radiant inner light, sign up here.

I look forward to working with you! ✨

Aside: I do all my work through the Creator of All That Is, God or what some call the Universe, Joy, Light, or Unconditional Love. You can be religious and you don’t have to be religious, you also don’t have to believe in past lives or reincarnation to work with me — but you do have to believe in a higher benevolent Source and  have an open heart & an open mind.