Work With Lisa

Where To Start

The majority of my clients start with a Consciousness Coaching session a.k.a. Akashic Record Reading.

Together we will construct a question to ask your Akashic Records — a repository in the Ether where the Universe stores a history of every Soul’s thoughts, words and actions.

We’ll focus on one area of your life that you believe is holding you back or you would like to transform such as finances, career, family, love, health, weight, or relationship. For example: Why do I have a hard time making money? Why am I struggling with my current job? What is going on with my gut health? What is holding me back from finding my Soulmate? or Why do I keep experiencing this same hardship over and over?

And then while you sit back and relax, I retrieve and share information from your Soul Records using rich symbolic images and clear messages from your Guides. While every experience is unique and tailored to you, the wisdom and guidance has been consistently powerful and inspiring each time! (See testimonials below.)

Time permitting, or in a future session, you may choose to work on another area of your life or we may work at a deeper level and identify limiting beliefs and feelings from the the past that hold negative emotional energies like shame, guilt, depression, fear, and anger in your energetic field.

If you are ready sign up here and if you have any additional questions please feel free to send me a note.